Don’t Let Your Brain Get in the Way of the Way

Don’t let your brain get in the way between you and the Dao. When you ask questions of the universe, to the I-Ching, to sacred stones, when you’re in nature, in the forest and you kind of put those questions out there, if you stay open and are able to receive without searching too hard for an answer or letting your brain try to make an answer in language terms, it will come. It usually will come as a feeling because that’s how we’re built. Before language and with or without the words of a language, there’s a deeper language of just understanding, of knowing, when you are present and it comes. That is the language of intuition. That is working around feelings.
The Dao speaks to us through subtleties, thruniverse-social-104ough our impressions, through our intuition, through that knowing and our thoughts and our conceived notions and our false sense of ego will block those things and make us question it. That’s another reason why people like Micheal Bernhoff  say, “Don’t think, just, just do. Just act. Just get into action and keep going,” because your mind with its pre-programming, with its kind of over-protectiveness will stop you from experiencing or talk you out of an experience or doing what you need to do to move to the next level or block you from seeing the real truth, taking the risk that you need to learn and grow because, if it is just a dream, if it is just an illusion anyway, then why the hell wouldn’t you?

Belief => Action

The belief in IT, the faith in IT, that is like the Secret. The Taking Action on it, That’s what really makes/starts things happening. That what really gets the universe to respond. Belief, faith, that’s potential and endurance. The action is the kinetic and momentum. Once the kinetic starts, once the action starts, things start to move and then you can formulate the plan as things develop, as the opportunities come. You can adjust and move with and formulate – and then – start to plug in the other future plans that you had brought out there as it unfolds, but you’re not limited to them. You’re only in action and those are possible futures. They may even be brighter than you ever imagined.

Once you start getting into action, once you take those little leaps of faith and that risk … I mean, if you’re lucid dreaming and you would start to have fun with it. You would take risks, you would make it be the adventure it is, and isn’t life already that? Isn’t that what THIS [life] is? Aren’t we just having this lucid dream with certain kind of game rules, certain kind of rules of physics, I guess, of the physical matter of it, but maybe we shouldn’t even be limited by that. But I know as much as I want to believe and try to believe right now, if I would run and jump off a cliff I would fall, and that would end this Dream…

You Create the World

You create the world. The world is fabricated in your mind. The energy/information comes in through the five senses and then your brain interprets that and mixes it around and repurposes it, and provides the world. So you literally create your world. The world is in your brain. But that’s not the real you – when the brain is interpreting these things and creating these pictures, and sights and sounds, and smells. The real you is the consciousness, the awareness of being behind that. universe-grows1The awareness of this lets you use your brain as a tool and not be stuck suffering in a brain created illusion. As you train your brain and program it, you can use it. You can also put it into the program what you want because you’re writing the code of the program of your life. You can make that happen by how you discipline, guide and understand your brain. You can start with mindfulness – mindfulness of your thoughts and your feelings. As they arise, you become aware of these mental formations and emotions arising and the ensuing, corresponding thoughts. By being consciously aware of it, you can change it. You reprogram it.

Boldly Go…

I have devoted my life to finding out the reason why.  Why are we here?  Why are we conscious of being here?  Why do we exist and are aware we exist? What’s the meaning of life?  What does it all mean?   Faith, belief…pray about it, you will find your answers.  It’s a conspiracy, hidden by a succession of veils, where one clue leads to the next and your never given the “Real” answer.  I was a knight of the Round Table, and I had not yet found the Holy Grail.  As a warrior I must quest, so I began my exploration of different wisdom traditions.  This Spiritual longing dovetailed perfectly with my ever growing passionate pursuit of the Martial Arts.

My really, real quest began once I discovered the philosophies underlying the martial arts. Some clarity developed as I explored the relationship betwixt body, mind & spirit.  Martial Arts is initially Physical – demanding you pay attention to Right Now or else!  Martial Arts helps you to focus, to concentrate your mind and through that concentration transcend your mind to be one with the moment.  In combat, you have no other choice but to be fully present, awake and aware if you want to win, survive.

The other main component – more important and realized to those who have walked even a short distance on this path – is Respect.  The consideration of others, the importance and necessity of putting others before yourself (teachers and journeymen) is paramount in Martial Arts and Spirituality.  Martial Arts rapidly transforms from something you start for yourself and becomes something you continue for others.  The doing for others and the rewards it brings, I feel, are what opens the door to Martial Arts being a true Spiritual Vehicle.   There is no denying the importance, impact and self transcendence of doing for others.  There is no religion or wisdom path that benefits humanity and life that doesn’t have service to life and others as its deepest core benefit and purpose.

This blog is about trying to explore some ideas and find out how to express what I’ve learned and feel through the precious magic of our human written language.  To further define the questions so they’re truer to the mark.  More importantly, IMHO, to air things out in order to let things GO.  There is far too much attachment to physical things, of course, but also to ideas, feelings, and ego-self-senses.  This is part of a journey to be able to simply and joyfully bring a freedom and gladness of heart to ourselves and others.  To be able to have a faith – and a confidence in that faith – that allows us to let go and take risks that further serve.  This exists to question and explore outside of my comfort zones of teaching, reading and thinking.  I want to share existential questions and conclusions without holding back because of my fears and trepidations.  How can I fly if I’m carrying around a weight of guilt, fear, bad past decisions, questions I would’ve, could’ve, should’ve asked?  I will share perspectives and inquiries to open doors and windows and portals to gain some insight, understanding and peace as we experience this Miracle Dream of Life.

OmManeBanmeHum. Mote it Be.  Gate, Gate, Paragate, ParaSamGate, BodhiSvaha.  Amen. Parwhon. Thy Will Be Done.