You Create the World

You create the world. The world is fabricated in your mind. The energy/information comes in through the five senses and then your brain interprets that and mixes it around and repurposes it, and provides the world. So you literally create your world. The world is in your brain. But that’s not the real you – when the brain is interpreting these things and creating these pictures, and sights and sounds, and smells. The real you is the consciousness, the awareness of being behind that. universe-grows1The awareness of this lets you use your brain as a tool and not be stuck suffering in a brain created illusion. As you train your brain and program it, you can use it. You can also put it into the program what you want because you’re writing the code of the program of your life. You can make that happen by how you discipline, guide and understand your brain. You can start with mindfulness – mindfulness of your thoughts and your feelings. As they arise, you become aware of these mental formations and emotions arising and the ensuing, corresponding thoughts. By being consciously aware of it, you can change it. You reprogram it.

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