Belief => Action

The belief in IT, the faith in IT, that is like the Secret. The Taking Action on it, That’s what really makes/starts things happening. That what really gets the universe to respond. Belief, faith, that’s potential and endurance. The action is the kinetic and momentum. Once the kinetic starts, once the action starts, things start to move and then you can formulate the plan as things develop, as the opportunities come. You can adjust and move with and formulate – and then – start to plug in the other future plans that you had brought out there as it unfolds, but you’re not limited to them. You’re only in action and those are possible futures. They may even be brighter than you ever imagined.

Once you start getting into action, once you take those little leaps of faith and that risk … I mean, if you’re lucid dreaming and you would start to have fun with it. You would take risks, you would make it be the adventure it is, and isn’t life already that? Isn’t that what THIS [life] is? Aren’t we just having this lucid dream with certain kind of game rules, certain kind of rules of physics, I guess, of the physical matter of it, but maybe we shouldn’t even be limited by that. But I know as much as I want to believe and try to believe right now, if I would run and jump off a cliff I would fall, and that would end this Dream…

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