Don’t Let Your Brain Get in the Way of the Way

Don’t let your brain get in the way between you and the Dao. When you ask questions of the universe, to the I-Ching, to sacred stones, when you’re in nature, in the forest and you kind of put those questions out there, if you stay open and are able to receive without searching too hard for an answer or letting your brain try to make an answer in language terms, it will come. It usually will come as a feeling because that’s how we’re built. Before language and with or without the words of a language, there’s a deeper language of just understanding, of knowing, when you are present and it comes. That is the language of intuition. That is working around feelings.
The Dao speaks to us through subtleties, thruniverse-social-104ough our impressions, through our intuition, through that knowing and our thoughts and our conceived notions and our false sense of ego will block those things and make us question it. That’s another reason why people like Micheal Bernhoff  say, “Don’t think, just, just do. Just act. Just get into action and keep going,” because your mind with its pre-programming, with its kind of over-protectiveness will stop you from experiencing or talk you out of an experience or doing what you need to do to move to the next level or block you from seeing the real truth, taking the risk that you need to learn and grow because, if it is just a dream, if it is just an illusion anyway, then why the hell wouldn’t you?

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